Ospho Metal & Rust Treatment

Ospho Metal & Rust Treatment


SKYCO OSPHO: a balanced formula of Phosphoric, Dichromate, Wetting Agents and Extenders . . . compounded exclusively by the Skybryte Company since 1947.

This product has been traditionally used for paint preparation and other common industrial uses. At DRYCE®, we leverage knowledge and testing of unique products to create effective solutions to Automotive Preservation and Restoration. Ospho, used properly, can rejuvenate metal parts, especially stainless steel exhausts to like new condition. Using 0000 steel wool and Ospho, cleaners can polish away rust and other conaminants yielding a bright OEM like new finish.

  • Phosphoric Acid with Dichromates, Wetting Agents, and Extenders
  • Rust Treatment
  • Rust-inhibiting coating
  • Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Cleaning & Etching
  • Can Be Painted Over
  • Environmentally Safe % Non-Flammable

Sold in 32OZ or Gallon Size

This item is shipped from our warehouse at OGHQ in Lady Lake, FL. This is a hazardous chemical & can only be shipped via Ground services & not by air! Shipping costs calculated at checkout.

Ospho Metal & Rust Treatment Core Features

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