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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Haven't I Heard About This Before Now?

While many in the dry ice blasting business have come before us, until we further refined the process and methods beginning May of 2019, it simply wasn’t effective enough for most discerning vehicle owners.

Where Does All Of The Dirt Go After Cleaning?

In the air and eventually on every horizontal surface surrounding the work! Including the floor of course.

How Does Dry Ice Clean
My Car?

Without the use of water, very effectively! There are 3 main factors which can effectively be leveraged to clean most surfaces.
  • Kinetic energy of the dry ice pellets
  • The -109 degree temperature which causes unwanted particles to shrink and lose adhesion
  • The thermal expansion of solid CO2 from a gas which is literally like a miniature bomb going off on the substrate or surface!
How It works

Introduction to
Dry Ice Cleaning

Dry Ice Cleaning: Obsessed Undercarriage Restoration on the E36 M3 Pt.1Using My Dry Ice Machine for the First Time - IC 022 EVO Unboxing and Impressions
How It works

Introduction to
Dry Ice Cleaning

1979 Mercedes Benz 240D

Porsche 996

2008 BMW M6 Conv

1987 Porsche 928S4

2009 Bentley Brooklands Coupe

2008 Ferrari F430 Spider

The Bat


We love the dry ice process that this seller has developed and the associated underside presentation. Take a look at all of his offerings, he deserves great credit for the extra effort he puts in. It is seriously next level.

We want to do this to all of our cars, whether we keep them or sell them. Thanks for listing this car here on BaT, @Scott_Ales!



Please keep sending me pictures and videos of the progress on my Mercedes 300SEL 6.3. Following the results is better than watching Game of Thrones!
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