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Dry Ice Blasting Machines & Accessories

Designed by Dryce for the automotive market

Power and Control is the key attribute necessary for the right Dry Ice Cleaning machine. At DRYCE®, we have partnered with ICS to deliver a line of Dry Ice Blasters that have control with simplicity and robustness necessary for the automotive market.

ICS listened to the improvements we suggested based on our extensive experience in pursuing the perfect DRYCE® clean. The results are the ultimate Automotive Dry Ice Cleaning solutions.

ICS 030 Dry Ice Cleaning Machine

Machine FAQs

Which Machine do I need?

This question is difficult to answer without knowing what type of business you are in or planning to start.

Entry Level / Detailing – An Evo 022 is a great machine to add dry ice to an existing detailing business or get started in Dry Ice Cleaning.  It works great on engine bays, wheels, interiors and can be used under a car as well.  

Full Dry Ice Cleaning – While the Entry machine is great, it is limited in power and is much less efficient at the big underbody cleaning jobs.  If you plan to fully clean the bottom of cars, we recommend you start with the ICS 030.  This machine is affordable, but when paired with a high CFM compressor, it packs the punch necessary to clean cars on a daily basis.

Ultimate Dry Ice Cleaning - Control and efficiency are the name of the game for the best Dry Ice Cleaning providers.  If you want the best machine that can dial down to clean the most sensitive surfaces and then pump up to strip paint and quickly get the dirtiest cars clean, you need to step up to the ICS410, our most sophisticated, yet elegantly designed Dry Ice Blasting machine.

Why Are the Machines You Sell Better for Automotive Dry Ice Cleaning?

While all Dry Ice Blasters may look the same, only ICS has partnered with DRYCE® to develop the right type of machine for the automotive world.  Other manufacturers shunned automotive Dry Ice cleaning, but we were able to work with ICS to develop a full line of machines that are more capable yet simple to maintain and operate.  Simplicity is key when your business relies on this machine.  Don’t let fancy computer screens and electronics fool you, those machines have many more points of failure and increased downtime costing you time and money.  DRYCE® and ICS offer simplicity, control and a more reasonable price point to enable your Dry Ice Cleaning goals.

Does the Machine Come With Accessories?

Yes, the machines come with an assortment of tips and other accessories, check the listing for each machine to see what is included. We can also source additional accessories and hoses as needed, just contact us for support.

How do You Provide Warranty and Service on My Machine?

Today we have East Coast and West Coast support for your machine, but our goal is to partner with our Dryce members to provide local service in every major Metro area.  We maintain a service parts inventory so we can provide quick service should you have a problem that needs to be addressed.

Do You Sell The Compressors?

Currently we do not sell the air systems, but we partner with Kaeser and Eaton to help you design the right air system with the right partner.

Why Do I Need a Desiccant Drier?

Moisture is your enemy in Dry Ice Cleaning.  Any water mixed in the air system can quickly turn to ice and become a dangerous projectile in your process.  In addition, moisture can turn to fog and obscure visibility.  This is particularly dangerous if you cannot see what you are cleaning and therefore, we want to ensure you have the driest air possible to create the best cleaning process.